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Learn from anywhere in the world. IGCSE and IAL Qualifications

Learning at BDGA

Classes are scheduled to fit the needs of the learner at their convenience. The overall qualifications timeframe will be designed in such a way that the IGCSE and IAL exams could be taken in May/June, Oct/Nov, and January series every year according to the level of learners.

Our Features

Internationally Trained Facilitators

Experienced in Teaching IGCSE & IAL

Career Guidance

Regular Tests & Mock Exams

Extensive Online Support

International Mentors

Our International Mentors are the backbone of Brain Drain Global Academy who shares their knowledge to empower our learners and also to enhance our subject experts.

All our International Mentors are competent in their respective field and got a thorough knowledge and understanding of practical based approach.

Innovative approach of Brain Drain Global Academy has been highly appreciated and supported by our International Mentors, and they are delighted to connect with our learners in the best possible way. This will give our learners to achieve global standards in their area of study.

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Cambridge Assessment International Examinations

Cambridge Assessment International Examinations qualifications set the global standard for international education. They are created by subject experts, rooted in academic rigour and reflect the latest educational research. The qualifications develop outstanding transferrable skills, including critical thinking, research and collaboration.

Pearson’s Edexcel Qualifications

Pearson Edexcel have set the standard for worldwide recognised qualifications, built on the UK educational system and accepted by universities worldwide, for more than 150 years. Edexcel’s qualifications are world renowned and highly respected, giving learners the opportunity to succeed in life, learning and employment.

Edexcel has helped thousands of people make progress in their lives, whether in the classroom or in the workplace.

By combining world-class qualification standards with a forward thinking approach and international content, Edexcel qualifications are the ideal pathway to today’s top universities, offering learners access to tomorrow’s global opportunities.

Qualified Experts

Our highly experienced teachers in their respective fields possess good knowledge and understanding of the UK Curriculum and have the latest subject and technological knowledge. BDGA offers professional development and training that keeps teachers up to date with the latest educational practices, supporting materials that make planning and teaching lessons easier, and learner textbooks and online resources to make learning engaging and rewarding.

Our Team


Ummar Sheriff E

Founder and Dean

An expert and well-versed in International School education, International Business & Management courses and also a passionate in life-long learning and teaching.

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Balaji Jayaraj

Director & CEO

Founder of BJ360 to develop the professional and personal needs of the individuals and a successful entrepreneur in the field

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